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Staying in a paying guest accomodation with a family is a traditional and reasonable option for newcomers to this city.

Due to changing times, culture and frequency of new visitors, new forms of pg accommodations are becoming more popular these days. For example when the bungalow culture was in boom in 1960 & 70s, owners used to rent a room or a part of bungalow for pg accommodations. Bungalow pg accommodations also served for the people who were looking for posh and luxurious paying guest accommodations in Mumbai. But since bungalow days are gone and skyscraper culture has moved in, high rise pg accommodations have mostly replaced the bungalow accommodations which were known and popular among the pg accommodations seekers who look for luxurious, posh or superior paying guest accommodations. We will explain these three new forms of pg accommodations in Mumbai which are getting popular these days. They are :-

1)  Cot Basis Paying Guest Accommodations.

2)  PG Accommodations in High Rise Buildings.

3)  Bungalow PG Accommodations

now we will give you a detailed overview about these new forms of paying guest accommodations in the city:-

1)  Cot basis paying guest accommodations:-

cot basis pg accommodations mumbai cot basis pg accommodations mumbai


Cot basis paying guest accommodations in Mumbai comes with certain features. Such as:-

•  Cot basis pg accommodations are basically sharing basis pg accommodations

•  Normally there are 4-5 cots placed in a room or hall.

•  Thus 4-5 people stay in room on room sharing basis.

•  Each person is provided with a separate cot, bed sheet, and cupboard and in some places a locker beneath the cot.

•  Cot basis paying guest accommodations in Mumbai are very popular among working bachelors and call centre employees.

•  If there are other facilities provided by the owner such as tv, fridge, furniture etc., then all these things are shared among the room partners in a cot basis pg accommodation.

•  Starting rates of cot basis pg accommodations are around rs. 900 to 1200 per head per month. These cheap cost cot basis pg accommodations are available in northern parts of Mumbai such as, bhayander-mira-road, Borivali-dahisar etc.

•  Cot basis pg accommodations in western suburbs like malad-goregaon-jogeshwari cost around 2k to 3k per head per month.

•  In Andheri cot basis pg accommodations cost around rs. 2500 to 4000 per head per month.

•  In some suburbs like Kandivali, Borivali and Andheri, few owners provide twin sharing cot basis pg accommodations.

•  In twin sharing cot basis pg accommodation a room is shared by two people and their rent is around 3-k per head per month

•  Charges of electricity and cable connection bills are shared equally by all the indiviuals staying in the cot basis pg accommodations.

•  There are some accommodation owners in south Mumbai who provide cot basis pg accommodations. These accommodations are located in grant road, marine lines and churchgate. Here sharing cot basis pg accommodations cost around 3.5k to 5k per head per month.

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2)  Pg accommodations in high rise buildings.

Pg accommodations in high rise buildings Pg accommodations in high rise buildings

A new trend of pg accommodations is setting in the city in the business of pg accommodations. This trend is to offer paying guest accommodations in high rise buildings of Mumbai. Pg accommodations in high rise buildings come with certain features which are listed below.

•  Pg accommodations in high rise buildings or skyscrapers are mostly posh, luxurious and superior with comparison to other pg accommodations.

•    •  Worli and Kandivali east Thakur village are the major suburbs where pg accommodations in high rise buildings are easily available.

•  There are some owners in Malad west near mindspace and Toyota showroom who offer pg accommodations in high rise buildings.

•  High rise pg accommodations are substitutes to bungalow pg accommodations where you get luxury and comfort at a reasonable cost.

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3)  Bungalow pg accommodations

bungalow pg accommodation mumbai bungalow pg accommodation mumbai

•  Paying guest accommodations in a bungalow are popular among the people who are looking for independent or luxurious pg accommodations.

•  Bungalow pg accommodations are found in Juhu, Versova and khar-bandra belts.

•  In bungalow pg accommodation you are provided with a separate room within a bungalow. These accommodations are costlier than sharing or cot basis accommodations.

•  Starting range of these independent pg accommodations are 10-15 thousand per month.


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It's a long trend in the city that flat or bunglow owners let some part or a single room to someone who lives with landlord's family as a guest. We have created this informational resource for new visitors to give a basic idea of this popular trend of paying guest accomodations in the city.

mumbai pg accommodations

Find Ladies / Female paying guest accommodations in the city

Since this is a large city, and rates of rental accomodations vary significantly from one part of the city to another, there are big differences in the rates of accomodations. Generally accommodations in the Southern part of the city are known to be costlier than the accommodations which are in western suburbs Like Andheri, Vile-parle and Khar-Bandra belt. Areas of northern city like Borivali, Kandivali and Mira Road are even cheaper to get accommodation.

mumbai pg accommodations

Find Rental Flats

For Example, in Northern parts of the city one can usually get a sharing basis accomodation in about 1000/- to 1500/- per month and a single room in 2000/- to 2500/- but if you go a little down in the Map of the city, say in Andheri area, then you will get a sharing accomodation in around 3000 bucks and single room is going to cost you around 5-6 thousand (starting Rates). Andheri is the biggest suburb of the city and provides so many options ofrental accommodations. Andheri east is mainly industrial and has lots of companies and offices in areas like MIDC, Chakala, Saki Naka and SEEPZ. Housing societies in these areas makes the most of their additional rooms by providing rental accommodations to working bachelors in these companies. Easily available accommodations in Andheri east is most likely to be found in areas of Marol, Marol Maroshi bus depot, MIDC, JB Nagar, Chakala and there are a number of home owners in and around Shere Punjab housing society who are willing to provide rooms to students and working bachelors.

mumbai pg accommodations

Find paying guest accommodations in Andheri

Most accomodations are on sharing basis. Rent on sharing accommodations in these areas ranges around 2200 to 3500 or 4k per month per head. It depends on the facilities provided and the number of people sharing a room. So if you are new to the city, or a student or first timer who came to join some company or college training, then these areas are ideal to you. All above mentioned places are not very far from Andheri east railway station. Now let's have a look on Andheri west. Here most accommodations are costlier than Andheri east because areas like Lokhandwala, Aadarsh Nagar [Andheri's Aadarsh nagar has nothing to do with "Aadarsh housing society!!! Plz don't get confused here :-( That great monument is in South part of the city: -(, ] Versova, Yaari Road and Oshiwara are very costly. All these are posh localities and VERY WELL CONNECTED WITH 'BEST' BUS SERVICES as well. This belt belongs to rich and famous of Television industry plus it also has lots of good hang out areas like shoppers stop and all major shopping centers, nice and famous restaurents, hotel. etc. are in good numbers here. Here Sharing accommodations' starting range will be around 5k - 5500 per head. Single rooms can be upto 10 - 12k.

Find pg accommodations in Bandra

Generally 1 bhk or 2 bhk flats are shared by 3-4 people and owners charge them around 2-3 thousand per head. Andheri east has vast industrial area so there are limited option for accomodations but Andheri west is known more as a residential area and there people can find more options. IN ANDHERI WEST - Sharing basis rental accommodations (mostly for male) are available in areas around Fun Republic, Laxmi Industrial Estate, Lokhandwala main buildings and Andheri Link Road. IN ANDHERI EAST - Accommodations (Single/Sharing) are available in Saki Naka, Chakala, MIDC, J.B. Nagar, Marol, and Seepz. Bandra is even costlier than Andheri where you get a sharing basis accomodation in around 3-4 thousand and gets a single room in around 7-8 thousand. Furnished accommodation or room in these areas can cost you uotp 12 to 15 thousand rupees plus the security deposit. If you get an accomodation through a broker then you may need to pay the brokerage that is generally equivalent to one month's rent.

Find pg accommodations in Dadar

Andheri is one of the most sought after areas for rental accommodations because it has vast and posh localities of Versova, Oshiwara, Lokhandwala, Yari Road, Andheri Link Road, Aadarsh nagar etc. Along with luxurious residential belt, these areas are base of Television industry, Event Management companies, Modeling and Education Institutes, Colleges, trainingg Industry hence these areas of Andheri west are popular among working males, females, ladies and professional trainingg candidates. Flat owners of these areas understand the need and there are always good rental accommodations for working bachelors, working ladies, students, boys, girls, males and females. Rates for rental Accommodations in these Andheri areas are 4-5 k per person on a twin sharing basis. If you do a little extra searching and are lucky enough then you can even get a separate single room(with a family) in around 6-9k per month. Amount equivalent to 2 month's rent has to be deposited to owner. This deposit is refundable and taken as security deposit.

Find pg accommodations in Kandivali

IN BANDRA - Sharing rental accommodations are available around linking road, carter road and in some part of khar, khar 19th Road. Sharing basis places accommodation for girls are available in areas around Mehboob Studio. New visitors to the city can find information of available accomodations in local newspapers or websites. Places with additional facilities : - accommodation with additional facilities cost higher. A fully furnished single room in Andheri west can cost you rs. 7-10k per month. Luxurious accommodations in Andheri with AC, TV and fridge facilities are going to cost you even higher, in range of 15-20k per person per month. Slight inner areas of Andheri west are also very posh and very well linked with BEST buses so if you are looking for a peaceful and posh accommodation and your work does not require much travelling then these areas of Oshiwara, Versova, Yari Road and Andheri Link roads are ideal for you. Generally bollywood wannabies and acting students stay in these Accommodations of Andheri west--> Oshiwara, Versova, Yari road and Andheri link road.

Find pg accomodations in Goregaon

accommodation are costlier in southern part of the city areas of church gate, Nariman Point, Colaba, Cuffe Parade, nepean sea road, peddar road, breach candy, Bhulabhai desai road, warden road, peddar road and camp's corner. Rates of sharing basis accommodations for girls/females in these areas are around 9k - 15 k per month and posh luxurious fully furnished single accommodations' starting rates in these posh south areas ranges around 20-25-30 thousand per person per month. You can find info, rates and availability of ladies accommodations of the city in local English newspapers.

Mumbai PG Accommodatons Search : -


Most popular forms of paying guest accommodations in Mumbai are as detailed below:-

A) Independent Paying Guest Accommodations in Mumbai.

B) Sharing Paying Guest Accommodations in Mumbai.

C) Cot Basis Paying Guest Accommodations in Mumbai.

D) Bungalow Paying Guest Accommodations in Mumbai.

Now, Below We will give you a detailed overview about all four forms of PG accommodations in Mumbai:-


It is assumed that every day at least 1000 new people come to Mumbai for career prospects. Most of them have long term plans to get success and fulfil their dreams in their respected fields. Everyone has limited budget in this stage of life so when they settle down to think about their first task to find a suitable place to stay, they have the most certain and obvious option to go for a PG (paying guest) accommodation in Mumbai, its suburbs, Thane and Navi Mumbai. Here are few Facts about the Paying guest accommodations in Mumbai:--

1) Paying Guest Accommodations in northern parts of the Mumbai city are cheaper than accommodations in central or southern parts.

2) Mira Road, Dahisar and Borivali are the most popular destinations for low cost and cheaper pg accommodations in Mumbai.

3) Mira road is very popular and favourite destination for pg accommodations among bachelor youth.

4) Most of the main Mumbai city or South Mumbai is almost fully developed and consists of high rise buildings and societies where prices /rents for paying guest accommodations are highest.

5) Traditionally South Mumbai was commercial hub and head offices of many big companies' were located there. Hence this area was very much in demand for PG Accommodations those days.

6) That trend is changing these days and most businesses are now shifting to suburbs like Andheri, Bandra and even Navi Mumbai in Far East. So as for now the number of people is increasing who seek paying guest accommodations in these areas.

Most popular forms of paying guest accommodations in Mumbai are as detailed below:-

(A)Independent pg accommodations:--

In this form of pg accommodation you are provided with your independent room. Independent pg accommodations may include following facilities:-


•  Separate entrance, separate let-bath attached.

•  Separate electricity connections. (whose additional charges may or may not include in paying guest rent, as negotiated before)

•  If you are going for a semi-furnished or fully –furnished independent pg accommodation then as per the specific deal, arrangements or additional charges you will be provided with ac, tv, fridge, washing machine etc.

•  Independent pg accommodations in Mumbai are costlier than sharing basis pg accommodations and cot basis (sharing) accommodations.


(B) Sharing pg accommodations

: -- In this form of pg accommodation you are will have to share a room or flat with other persons, or your roommates.

Independent pg accommodations may include following facilities:-


•  Separate entrance, but let-bath will be used by all people you are sharing the room/flat with.

•  No Separate electricity connections. (there will be only one electricity connection and you will either pay a pre-decided amount for electricity bill or the bill will be divide among the roommates and everyone will pay the equal amount)

•  If your sharing accommodation is semi-furnished or fully –pg furnished, you will have to share the ac, tv, fridge, washing machine etc. and all facilities with your other roommates.

•  Sharing basis pg accommodations in Mumbai are costlier than Independent pf accommodations.

(C) cot basis paying guest accommodations

- this type of pg accommodations are operated mainly by hotel, guest house or lodge owners.

Cot basis pg accommodations come with following facilities:--

•  Cot basis accommodations are actually a form of sharing pg accommodation where several cots are arranged in a common room or hall and 4-5 people stay in a room/hall.

•  In an ideal cot basis pg accommodation you will be provided with your separate cot, pillow and bed sheet. Many cot basis pg places also provide you a separate cupboard/locker which is put beneath your cot and its keys are given to you.

•  Cot basis paying guest accommodations is very popular among the working bachelors who leave early in the morning for work and come back only in night to have a place to sleep.

•  Some lodges in Bhayandar, Goregaon west and Dadar east offer cot basis pg accommodations for temporary or short term stay.

•  There are also some decent cot basis paying guest accommodations offered by some decent owners in Marine Lines, Grant Road and Charni road areas.

•  Cot basis paying guest accommodations are the cheapest form of paying guest accommodations in Mumbai.


D) Bungalow Paying Guest Accommodations in Mumbai

If you have good budget, in other words if you have enough money to spend on pg accommodations in Mumbai, then you have an additional option of going for a paying guest accommodation in a bungalow. In this paying guest setup, you are provided with a separate room within a bungalow and you stay with the bungalow owner. In this set up you may or may not have a separate entrance. Same is the case with attached let-bath.

There are some owners in Santacruz –west and in Khar-Bandra area who provide pg accommodations in Bungalows. Starting range of bungalow paying guest accommodations are around 8-10 thousand per month. You may also go for semi-furnished or fully furnished bungalow pg accommodations in Juhu, Versova, Seven bungalows, Four Bungalows, Oshivara or Yari road areas. Here rents of bungalow pg accommodations will be in starting range of 15-20 thousand per month and on an average bungalow paying guest price range in these areas are around 25-30 thousand per month. And Yes, Of course, you must also be read to provide a fat lump-sum refundable/security deposit if you are trying to seek a comfortable Paying guest accommodation in a Bungalow.


In addition to the above detailed four types of paying guest accommodations in Mumbai, There are some more types of accommodations available in this city. Given the time and space here we will give some brief overview about these additional types of accommodations as well.

Company or Apartment accommodations for Employees

These types of accommodations are generally arranged by companies for their employees. There are many companies who either buy or take on rent flats for their employees. A good example of these types of accommodations can be seen in the place called “Thakur Village” in the far Kandivali East area of Mumbai. This locality is well known for posh high rise buildings which are adjacent to the western express highway thus providing quick access to transport for the workplace, Generally in an ideal company apartment they put 4-5 employees in a flat and everyone is charged(or adjusted in salary) around 2-3k per month for staying in these company provided accommodations.

PG accommodations in high rise buildings vs. Bungalows

So far you know that rates of paying guests accommodations in bungalows are highest among all pg accommodations in Mumbai. This is associated with luxury, independence and comfort. It is considered that these things are also found in the pg accommodations which are available in high rise buildings in Mumbai.

So, rate wise, getting a pg accommodation in high rise buildings of Mumbai are almost similar to finding an independent pg accommodation in a bungalow. With only difference is that bungalow pgs are mostly independent while pg accommodations in high rise buildings are almost always on (twin) sharing basis. High rise pg accommodations' rates are in starting range of 7-8 thousand per month in Kandivali, Malad-Goregaon belt and can go up to 12, 15 or even 20 thousand in areas like Worli, Lower Parel and all suburbs of South Mumbai.

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More About Mumbai

Mumbai is a huge, humongous, largely widespread and still rapidly expanding city. Mumbai is regarded as the Commercial, Financial and Entertainment Capital of India. Just like many other large cities around the world, Mumbai is also a historic city which has gone through innumerable transformations over the years, eras and centuries. Mumbai has its own history of development during the “British Raj”, Mughal rules and post-independence and its current contemporized form.

Commercial, financial and industrial importance of Mumbai:-

All major Indian companies have their headquarters or major branch offices in Mumbai. Almost all global companies also have similar presence in Mumbai. Whether its banking industry, FMCG, engineering, real estate or high-tech software industry. They all have either their Indian headquarters or important branch offices in Mumbai.

India's two major stock exchanges known as National stock exchange (NSE NIFTY) and Bombay Stock exchange (BSE) are also situated in Mumbai.

Mumbai's importance as Entertainment Capital:-

World's largest film, motion pictures (when numbers of released films are taken into account) and television industry is based in Mumbai. Thus, Informally Mumbai is also called Bollywood. Though big names of Bollywood reside in Bandra (west) suburb of Mumbai but majority of the cast, crew and almost entire artists of television and film industry are based in the areas named Lokhandwala, Juhu, Juhu-Tara, Juhu-Tara Road, four bungalows, seven bungalows, Oshivara, Yari Road and Versova of Andheri (west) suburb in Mumbai.

Question: why rental arrangements are known as “Paying Guests or PGs” in Mumbai? Can you give a brief historic overview about the emergence of the term “Paying Guest accommodation or PG accommodations” in Mumbai?

Answer: After Indian independence in 1947 there were very few metropolitan, big and populous cities in India. Mumbai was one of them (and in today's times it's undoubtedly the biggest metropolitan city of India, by all means). The major migration to Mumbai in 1940s and 50s was drawn by engineering companies (mills and factories) and the Indian film industry. In these two sectors many immigrants from other parts of the country started coming to Mumbai in order to try their luck, making a living and to explore their career options. After Pakistani film industry and artists shifted to Pakistan and Kolkata film industry declined, Mumbai Automatically emerged to make its place as the main centre and biggest hub of Indian Film industry immediately after the independence and Indo-Pak partition.

Mumbai (then Bombay) was a rich city during the Portuguese rule era. People had nice jobs, earnings and superb standard of living. Most of the families residing in South Mumbai (including the prosperous Paarsi community) were wealthy and had big homes and spacious flats. These wealthy and prosperous communities of South Mumbai, Nepean sea road, peddar road, Mumbai central, cuffe parade and colaba were the first in allowing the immigrant job seekers to stay in their houses as a Paying guest. This was the start of paying guest culture in Mumbai. Initially these paying guests or PG accommodations in Mumbai were offered by the rich landlords of south Mumbai but soon this PG Accommodation system spread all across entire Mumbai city and its suburbs.

By the start of early 1980, Paying guest and pg accommodations' system became an easy and comfortable business/earning model for home owners all across the Mumbai and entire Mumbai metropolitan area. Mumbai's paying guest and pg accommodation was then recognized as a sensible way of residual income by using extra room/space to the tenant by land lords. This system has now grown significantly even in the Mumbai metropolitan areas like Navi Mumbai (New Bombay), Thane-Dombivali, Vashi, Panvel, Vasai-Virar and also in the harbour line suburbs.

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